The Ruk-bug was conceived by Russell Clifton as the result of first hand frustrations initially encountered at an airport as a tired parent of an irritable 9-month old child, when faced with a broken and battered pushchair. This event and subsequent ones faced in everyday situations became an endurance of poor construction, cumbersome design, awkward carrying mechanisms and the limitations of storage, stowage and flexibility. Added to this was the nagging concern since the airport experience as to why so many were left abandoned and unclaimed after the flight, had people simply forgotten them or had they had enough of their frustrations and ditched them.

What followed was the result of years of dedication and self-belief in an idea and revolutionary design of a buggy that flew in the face of the indifference and intransigence of blinkered or traditional thinkers. The Ruk-bug a truly innovative buggy built for users by a user, featuring a unique curved design with a more stable center of gravity, customizable fabrics, ultra-portable folding with a 3 way carry system, all terrain wheels and unrivaled safety comprising a one-handed locking device.

The Ruk-bug is Born from Experience and Inspired by Life, but it is also a labour of love, conceived as one would a child, thought about, prepared for and nurtured.