Suitable for children from 0 - 22kg

With a new-born insert and the ability to lie completely flat the pushchair is ready from birth. The pushchair can also take a car seat with the Ruk-bug adaptors. Ruk-bug is adaptable and the new-born insert can be taken out to accommodate your little one as they grow and has a variety of seated positions. As an added benefit the seat insert has been manufactured from Bamboo fabric, organic and naturally hypoallergenic; soft and comfortable.


A unique versatile locking system

The single handed locking systems is a feature that we have included to just make life that little bit easier. The buckle is magnetised allowing you to connect one side at a time and making it easier for you to secure your child in to the pushchair. One harness straps connect separately to the other, and best of all it can be done single headedly.

Everything to make your day out a little less stressful and more enjoyable.


A strong durable lightweight frame

By moving the centre of gravity forward of the rear wheels, the frame offers a solution to issues of tipping. The handle itself can extend to three different position to help you find the best walking posture.

The basket and changing bag have been designed to fit within the overall design of the frame to avoid the shortening of the foot depth allowing a better more upright walking stance.

The additional part of the frame we like to shout about is the reduction in the number of rivets that are used in manufacture of the product. We did this to remove the weakest point of the frame, making it easier to repair if necessary and to reduce the waste and reduce energy used which is associated with the manufacture of rivets.


Love the curve

We have achieved what no other product in the world has and that is a slide extrusion which offers a frame which is inherently stronger than others, it offers greater stability and above all It looks great and is eye catching.


Love our planet and your little one

As with most pushchairs the frame is made from aluminium which is anodised allowing it to be recycled.

The textiles are made from 80% recycled plastic bottles which it is inherently showerproof and fade resistant, comfortable and durable. Easily cleaned and if you should want to change the colour with one of our colour packs, its recyclable, and if you return it to us we will make sure that it is reintroduced in to the manufacturing process and we will cover the cost of postage.

In addition to this we have accessories which sit at the back of the pushchair to help with those shopping trips. Removing the need for plastic bags. The detachable shopping basket clips on in seconds, folds flat and can be stored in the boot of your car.


Tough, durable and built for all-terrain

So, we say convenience of a buggy that is easy to see from the fold. Sturdiness of a pushchair, its a full size pushchair and has many of the features of many others on the market. Also the ability of an all-terrain, and we think its the only true crossover product on the market.

It's not just about the wheels which are large enough to cope with roughest terrain and any urban street however uneven they are. Its also about the two-foot power, this allows the product to easily traverse sand, stiles and other obstacles without difficulty.

We also have a full sized rain cover which sits over the pushchair. A zip allows it to be undone allowing you to get your child out without having to remove the whole thing in the rain.