The curve

Unique, stylish and safer.

First pushchair to market with a telescopic curved frame, for greater safety.

Ruk-bug has achieved what no other company in the world has - a slide extrusion which offers a frame inherently stronger than others, offering greater stability and above all, looks great.

By moving the centre of gravity forward of the rear wheels, the frame offers a solution to the issues of tipping.

The handle itself can extend to three different positions to help you find the best walking posture.

As with most pushchairs the frame is made from anodised aluminium, allowing it to be recycled.

Ruk-bug has also reduced the number of rivets that are used in manufacture of the product. This removes the weakest point of the frame, making it easier to repair if necessary as well as reducing the waste and energy used associated with the manufacture of rivets.


The harness

First pushchair to market with a magnetised harness buckle, for ease of use.

The magnetised locking system allows you to connect one side of the buckle at a time making it easier for you to secure your child in to the pushchair.

One harness strap connects separately to the other, and best of all it can be done single handedly. Everything to make your day out a little less stressful and more enjoyable.


3-way carry system

Take your pushchair wherever you go. Ruk-bug SOLIS is compact and convenient with its 3-way carry system:

  • grab it by the handle
  • carry it over the shoulder
  • or wear it with the rucksack straps

Are you ready for your next adventure?


The shopping basket

First pushchair to market with a detachable shopping basket.

Ruk-bug’s shopping basket is included when you buy Ruk-bug SOLIS pushchair. It's been cleverly designed to create added space for shopping, ensuring you are helping the environment by removing the need for extra plastic bags.

The detachable shopping basket clips on and off in seconds, folds flat and can be stored in the boot of your car, or fits in spacious basket at the bottom of the pushchair.


The colours

The fabrics

Ruk-bug SOLIS come in four* fabric colours - dark red, turquoise, grey and black. All fabrics are fully removable and washable.

The frame

Our frame comes in silver or black

*(dependent on retailer availability)


The specifications

Sitting position - 111°
Intermediate position - 128°
Lie back position - 167°

Seat height - 46 cm
Seat depth - 30 cm
Back rest height - 46 cm
Back rest width - 33 cm
Canopy height- 58 cm

Pushchair unfolded H98 x W48.5 x D84 cm
Pushchair folded H78 x W49 x D42 cm
Weight of frame 6.7kg
Weight of wheels 3.3kg

Spacious basket with capacity up to 7kg
Basket folded 5 x 42 x 27 cm
Basket unfolded 18 x 42 x 27 cm

Operated and picked up single handedly